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Make your own 4:1 mainsheet block-ring combi

This year we introduced the 38mm Windesign low friction ring. Low friction rings can be used in various applications. The 38mm ring is mainly intended to create a 4:1 mainsheet system. Similar to our existing block combination, the EX1319, you can replace the 29mm Harken block by the 38mm Windesign ring. By changing this block, you create a low friction, less heavy and more durable block combination.

It's easy to create the block combination as shown below yourself. What you need to make the 4:1 mainsheet block-ring combination:

EX1314 - Harken 40mm block on Vectran line with a safety snap shackle 
EX3003 - Windesign 38mm low friction ring 
EX13672 - A bit of 2.2mm Vectran line

Windesign low friction ring