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Windesign Tillers & Extensions

Recently we have updated our Windesign tillers and extensions which are now branded with our new Windesign logo.

  • 652850 - Carbon Laser® tiller - The low profile of this carbon Laser tiller, in combination with the high stiffness and low weight creates an amazing light feeling when steering the boat. With anti-chafe plate. With its weight less than 300 grams the Windesign Laser tiller is the lightest of them all. This carbon tiller is supplied with a mounting plate which is suitable for all Windesign tiller extensions.
  • 652112 - 20mm Carbon tiller extension - Ultra stiff, lightweight carbon tiller extension. Weighs only 160 grams. Supplied with rubber joint with rope core, releasable base with pin and tubing and 100cm long hi-tech X-grip. Tube diameter: 20mm. Length: 120cm. Also available in 190 cm as Contender tiller extension and 250 cm as 49er tiller extension and 49erFX tiller extension.
  • 652312 - 16mm Deluxe aluminium tiller extension - Made of black anodized 16 mm aluminium tube. The aluminium tiller extensions are fitted with a releasable rubber joint / swivel and an eva foam grip. The releasable rubber joint / swivel has a rope core and is mounted with an aluminium pin only. The pin is kept in place by a piece of heat-shrinkable tubing for easy replacement. With the available lengths from 60 to 120 cm, the popular 16mm Deluxe tiller extensions from Windesign are suitable for almost all dinghies.
  • 652900/30 - Laser® Deluxe/Standard aluminium tiller - Windesign manufactures a 32 mm aluminium Laser® tiller. The tiller has at the outer end a precise molded anodized aluminium insert. The inner end is sealed with a plastic cap. The tiller comes in a Deluxe and a Standard version. The Deluxe version is 25 microns black anodized and has a stainless steel anti-chafe protecting plate for the traveller line. An aluminium clamcleat for the rudderblade line is mounted on the side of the tube. The Laser tiller is also available with an aluminium Deluxe tiller extension 652910. The Standard tiller is silver anodized and has no chafe plate and no cleat.