The sailing school season has started! All clubs and schools are well prepared, but there is always something to improve. At Optiparts we have serveral useful products which will make your season even better. From boat parts and accessories to playing cards for using ashore when there is no wind.

  • EX1061WR - Optimist sleeve pocket sail with reef eye - White Optimist sleeve sail with reef eye, ideal for sailing schools. When using the reef eye, the boom goes up and gives more headspace for the sailor. A sleeve pocket for the Optimist mast at the luff with a cut out for the sprit halyard block. This sail is created strong to last long, made of 4 US oz. high quality 100% dacron sailcloth. This Optimist sail has 4 heavily reinforced corners, a loose foot and webbing loops at both the tack and the clew point to accommodate the boom. This Optimist sail does not have any sailbattens. Should be used with fixed sleeve mastset EX1053.
  • EX1065 - Optimist bow bumper - It's easy to damage the bow of your Optimist. Especially polyester Optimists are vulnerable and need immediate attention in case of damage. By protecting the bow you will have way less repair work throughout the season. The Optiparts bow bumper has a foam tubing inner, covered with heavy duty polyester cloth. This bumper has a snug fit around the bow of the Optimist. Ideal for clubs and school and easy to fit.
  • EX1066 - Optimist corner protectors - Heavy duty rubber corner protectors for Optimist with self adhensive backing. These can be used on bow only and on all 4 corners. Special preshaped rubber profile. This is not a flat piece of thin rubber! Set of two pieces.
  • EX1374 - Optimist floating painter - It's very important to have a floating painter line in each boat and have some spare ones as well. The Optiparts floating painter is 8,1 meter long and has a diameter of 6mm. It's blue with UV treatment.
  • EX1377 - Optimist polypropylene mainsheet - A mainsheet which is durable and affordable. The length of 6 meter is ideal for 1:3 mainsheets and the 8mm thickness is comfortable for all sailors. This Optimist mainsheet is made of 16 plait polypropylene.
  • EX3049 - Lunch container - Waterproof lunch container for the dinghy sailor, stores your lunch and valuables dry. Keep the container in your own boat or in the coach boat. With a hole in the lid to attach a line. Available in two sizes: 3 liter, 17 cm high and 6 liter, 26 cm high.
  • EX1436 - Optimist Happy Family card game - The perfect game when there is to much wind or no wind to go out sailing. The Optimist Happy Family card game consists of Optimist parts and facts about sailing. The game has 55 playing cards grouped in 13 families of 4, a rule card and 2 extra cards. An educational game for sailors of all ages.