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Category / Trolleys
Optiparts trolley/Dolly
Aluminum trolley with small or large pneumatic wheels. Now with stainless steel heel protector and BOW WOW !! A new unique system to lock the bow to the trolley with one quick and simple movement. The hull will not slide off the slippery wet trolley anymore. The BOW WOW prevents damage to the stern. Also available as a replacement kit to fit older Optiparts trolleys. Quick release push buttons: This system allows the trolley to be disassembled in three pieces in a few seconds. Large wheels are preferred where Optimists are being launched from beaches or muddy slipways. Made of square Aluminum tube with rounded corners. All joints are welded and all surfaces on which the boat rests are padded with red pvc tubing. Support: The axle of the trolley is extended so the hull fits upside down between the wheels. Anodized: The whole frame is anodized to prevent corrosion.
EX1075 Trolley/Dolly small wheels, not shown
EX1076 Trolley/Dolly large wheels, shown
Bow Wow
replacement kit
EX1077 Bow Wow replacement kit
Spare pneumatic wheel
Spare pneumatic wheels in two sizes
EX1078 Spare pneumatic wheel, 26cm
EX1078 Spare pneumatic wheel, 40.5cm
Sollid Rubber Wheel
Wide solid rubber wheels, 28 cm diameter, 10 cm wide. These wheels do not float and you will never have a flat tyre again ! EX1075 small wheel trollies will be supplied with these wheels from now on and can be used on all older Optiparts trollies.
EX10784 Solid rubber wheel 28cm
Optiflex-lite puncture proof wheel
New large Optiflex-lite puncture proof wheels. The new Optiflex-lite wheels are the ultimate in wheel design. They are ultra light, weigh just 1750 grams, have a wide surface and large diameter for easy use on sand. Never have a flat tyre again.
EX10786 Optiflex-lite puncture proof wheel 37 cm
Spring clips
Springclips for securing wheels
EX10790 Stainless steel spring clip for large wheels
EX10791 Galvanised spring for securing wheels
Button, spring locking sytem
EX10792 Round button spring locking system
EX10795 Push button wheel lock
Trolley padding kit
Trolley padding kit. Consists of a foam tubing with 2 600D nylon protectors with Velcro fastener. This Padding can be mounted on any Optiparts trolley. It protects the hull and makes the surface slippery for easy launching. Be sure to use the bow wow to prevent damages. The padding runs over the full width of the trolley, so the middle is protected when turning the hull upside down.
EX10796 Trolley padding kit
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