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Optimist Racing Spars – What do I need?

Whether you are an experienced Optimist sailor or you just start racing the Optimist, it could be hard to choose which type of Optimist spars are most suitable for you. You learnt sailing the Optimist with school spars and now it’s time to make the next step. When starting the search you will immediately recognize
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Season Preparations – Be prepared!

It’s time to prepare yourself and your Optimist for the new sailing season. Signs of wear and tear will show on several places which might need some extra attention. The most common bits and peaces which need to be checked or replaced are shown below. Good luck with all your season preparations! If you need
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Windesign Tillers and Extensions

Recently we have updated our Windesign tillers and extensions which are now branded with our new Windesign logo. 652850 – Carbon tiller for Laser® The low profile of this carbon Laser tiller, in combination with the high stiffness and low weight creates an amazing light feeling when steering the boat. With anti-chafe plate. With its weight