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Schools and Clubs – Sailing Tips!

The season has started for schools and clubs. All schools, clubs and sailors are well prepared, but there is always something to improve. At Optiparts we have several useful products which will make the season even better. From boat parts and accessories to playing cards for using ashore. Find below some useful products. Enjoy sailing
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Training and Regatta mark – Visible and durable!

We designed a highly visible yellow sailing buoy that can be easily used as training mark, by coaches or sailing schools, or as regatta mark during races. This highly visible yellow training mark is designed to last long. The mark consists of 3 separate parts: a solid outer, an inflatable inner bladder and a ballast
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Optimist Racing Spars – What do I need?

Whether you are an experienced Optimist sailor or you just start racing the Optimist, it could be hard to choose which type of Optimist spars are most suitable for you. You learnt sailing the Optimist with school spars and now it’s time to make the next step. When starting the search you will immediately recognize