Schools and Clubs – Sailing Tips!

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The season has started for schools and clubs. All schools, clubs and sailors are well prepared, but there is always something to improve. At Optiparts we have several useful products which will make the season even better. From boat parts and accessories to playing cards for using ashore. Find below some useful products. Enjoy sailing this summer!

Take care of your hull!
It’s easy to damage the bow of your Optimist. Especially polyester Optimists are vulnerable and need immediate attention in case of damage. By protecting the bow you will have way less repair work during the season. The EX1065 – Optimist Bow Bumper has a snug fit around the bow of the Optimist. In addition to the bow bumper we advise to add the EX1066 – Optimist Corner Protectors. These heavy duty rubber corner protectors for the Optimist have self adhesive backing and can be used on bow only and on all 4 corners.

Choose the right lines!
It’s very important to have a floating painter line in each boat and have some spare ones as well. The EX1374 – Optimist floating painter is 8,1 meter long and has a diameter of 6mm, with UV treatment. A mainsheet has to be comfortable and durable. The affordable EX1377 – Optimist Mainsheet has a length of 6 meter and is ideal for 1:3 mainsheet systems. This 8mm 16 plait polypropylene sheet is comfortable for all sailors.

Start smaller!
Sailing is all about having fun. Optiparts created an easy to handle sail which is half the size of a normal Optimist sail. With the EX1064 – Optimist Trisail now even the smallest helmsman can continue sailing in heavy wind. And have you seen our EX1061WR – Sleeve sail with reef eye? Find out more!

Protect your valuables!
Keep your lunch and valuables safe and dry in your own boat or in the coach boat. With a hole in the lid to secure in the boat with a line. Our lunch containers are available in two sizes: EX3048 – 3 liter, 17 cm high and EX3049 – 6 liter, 26 cm high. Do you prefer using a dry bag? Check out our waterproof sailing bags!