About us

Optiparts Marine Equipment was founded in 1990 and has grown to a worldwide leading supplier of Optimist spars, fittings and accessories. Our motivated production team and developers are constantly busy with producing and improving our products to the highest standards and needs. The extensive range of products is exported to more than 80 countries around the world and used at all major events worldwide. The name Optiparts® is a registered trademark. We proudly share our milestones:


Windesign Catalog - Check it out now!
We are proud to announce that our first windesign catalog is now available! Windesign was founded in 2000 as brand for hardware, clothing and accessories for all dinghy sailors. In 2016 we started thinking about a full clothing collection called the ''MIRA Series'' In 2017 we were able to supply the first ''MIRA Series'' items and due to success, we have been able to develop and expand to a full clothing collection for junior and adult.


Factory impression
Did you know that we produce and assemble most products ourselves? Below a short impression of our factory and warehouse in The Netherlands. This video shows production and assembling work of our spars, trolleys, tiller extensions and buoyancy bags.


The Windesign clothing collection has been further developed. We introduced the MIRA series; a complete clothing package for the dinghy sailor.


We updated our Windesign brand with a new logo. A strong and refreshing logo that equals our clothing and accessory development.


Our communication with sailors has expanded with multiple social media channels. Join us to connect and communicate through our social media. Keep track of the latest news and share your action, fun and experience with us! Send your photos & videos and help us to innovate our products and promote the Optimist dinghy class. Where do you #SailOptiparts?


Optiparts introduced a clothing collection and accessory range for all dinghy sailors under the trade name Windesign®. An expanding brand which has a proven Laser® and 420 hardware range and a large collection of tiller extensions.


We published our first catalog: "A complete range of equipment for the standard and racing Optimist". Have a look in our catalog and find out which parts and part numbers we are still using.


The company Optiparts Marine Equipment was founded. Since then we worked hard to continuously develop our range of products for the Optimist dinghy. For many years now we have been able to claim that we are the leading supplier of Optimist spars, fittings and accessories.