A full range of comfortable junior dinghy sailing gear, designed with the highest quality fabrics to provide high end waterproofness, durability and flexibility. Perfect for those who start sailing at sailing schools, but also suitable for grown-ups up to 190 cm.

Don’t get cold with the POLAR fleece fabric inside the neoprene top; the best comfort and warmth to your skin. Please find all different materials used below:

MIRA SERIES – Our MIRA SERIES are designed with the highest quality fabrics to provide high end waterproofness, durability and flexibility. Comfortable dinghy sailing gear for junior and adult.

NEO-SKIN – NEO-SKIN fabric is a 3-layer combination of a nylon water repellent outer, a lightweight stretch mid and a soft nylon inside layer.

W-FLEX – W-FLEX stands for our neoprene flexibility. The combination of high quality neoprene and the production technique offers the flexibility that every sailor is looking for.

POLAR – POLAR is a soft fleece fabric which offers the best comfort and warmth to your skin.

RIPSTOP – Our buoyancy aids features a lightweight ripstop outer layer. The thicker thread which is used in the ripstop weaving technique ensures more durability.

UV50+ SKIN – Protect yourself against the sun with our UV50+SKIN products. The UV50+ fabric provides maximum sun protection.

Junior products and sizecharts:
EX2450 – Neoprene Sailing Boots
EX2460 – Neoprene Sailing Shoes
EX2500 – Junior Hiking Pants
EX2521 – Ripstop Sidezip Buoyancy Aid
EX2525 – 3mm Neo-Skin Long John
EX2526 – 2.5mm Neo-Skin Top
EX2535 – Short Sleeve Rash Top
EX2540 – Long Sleeve Rash Top
EX2550 – Short Finger Gloves

Wind indicators – New color!

We expanded our collection
We are happy to annouce that we have expanded our Windesign wind indicator collection with a blue colored version. Now available, the new EX1243BL Windesign PRO wind indicator blue and the EX2021BL Windesign MK2 PRO wind indicator blue. For every dinghy sailor its own type and color!

Wind indicator PRO
This wind indicator has a strong vane arm which is accurately balanced and performs amazing sensitive. The needle can be easily fitted into your Optimist top pins or spring clip. Ideal to be used as Optimist wind indicator. Now available in red and blue.

Product info:
EX1243BL – Pro wind indicator blue
EX1243 – Pro wind indicator red

Wind indicator MK2 PRO
The MK2 PRO wind indicator has the same characteristics as the above PRO wind indicator; it’s strong, accurately balanced and performs amazing sensitive. The MK2 version has an easy to use locking system to fit around your dinghy mast. Now available in red and blue.

Product info:
EX2021BL – Pro wind indicator MK2 blue
EX2021 – Pro wind indicator MK2 red




We improved our trolleys!
From now we provide all our trolleys with the EX10797 – Stainless steel 25 mm axles. These are much more durable than the aluminium axles which we have used before. These axles have extremely good wear resistance characteristics against sand and salt.

EX10798 – Stainless steel locking pins
The new axles come with new stainless steel locking pins. A much more durable one-piece constructed 8 mm pin. Please note that the old alumimium / stainless steel pins and axles have a pin and hole diameter of 5 mm. You will need to drill the hole up to 8 mm in case you would like to replace the locking pin only.

EX10784 – Black solid rubber wheels
The solid rubber wheels now come in completely black color (before red) to provide better UV protection. These wheels have a diameter of 28 cm, are 10 cm wide, do not float and you will never have a flat tyre again. The EX1075 Optimist trolleys are supplied with these wheels and can also be used on all other Optiparts trolleys.

Our trolleys below are improved with the stainless steel axles and stainless steel locking pins:

EX1075 – Optimist trolley with solid rubber wheels
EX1076 – Optimist trolley with Optiflex wheels
EX2015 – Trolley for Laser®
EX2016 – Trolley with 2-piece middle section for Laser®

EX1076B – Trolley with belt and large Optiflex-lite wheels – NEW!
A new trolley in our collection! Same design as our regular aluminium trolley, now available with belt. Your Optimist slides easy from the belt when launching. Also available with black solid rubber wheels (EX1075B).

Suggestion set for trapeze sailors!
A combination of several items can create the perfect fit for trapeze sailors; use the trapeze harness with overhead buoyancy aid and rash top.

The Windesign clothing range is further developed to offer a refreshed clothing range for all dinghy sailors. The MIRA Series is comfortable, lightweight, keeps you safe and warm and offers sun protection. Whether you are young or old, sails an Optimist, Laser or double handed with trapeze, the MIRA series fits all!

The EX2522 – Ripstop Overhead Buoyancy Aid is lightweight, has adjustable shoulder and side straps and due to its size offers complete freedom in movement and trapeze possibilities. The EX2560 – Comfort Hiking Trapeze Harness is allround and comfortable, has full back support and is fully adjustable, also on the legs! Make your outfit complete and extra comfortable with the EX2535 – Short Sleeve Rash Top.

For all features and detailed pictures:

EX2522 – Ripstop Overhead Buoyancy Aid
EX2535 – Short Sleeve Rash Top
EX2560 – Comfort Hiking Trapeze Harness