EX1012 – Optimist SLEEVE school mast Optiparts

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The Optimist SLEEVE school mast has no pin stop and has no stainless steel eyes for fixing the head of the sail and can be used with Optiparts sleeve sails. This mast is fitted with a stainless steel halyard block and aluminium Clamcleats for halyard and vang. This Optimist mast slides in the sleeve pocket of the Optimist sail and the sail has a loose foot. This eliminates the need of any sail ties on mast or boom.

Also available: Optimist mast extenders, 10, 20 and 40 cm
The 10 and 20 cm mast extenders for the Optimist sleeve mast extends the mast with 10 or 20 cm to create more space. These mast extenders can be dropped in the top of the Optimist sleeve mast and moves the sail and boom up. The 40 cm mast extender is needed for the Optiparts Trisail. Please note that the 40 cm extender can not be used with our regular sleeve sails.

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