EX1061 – Optimist colored sleeve pocket sail Optiparts

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Colored Optimist sleeve sail, ideal for sailing schools. A sleeve pocket for the Optimist mast at the luff with a cut out for the sprit halyard block. This sail is made of strong high quality 3.8 oz 100% dacron sailcloth. This Optimist sail has 4 heavily reinforced corners, a loose foot and webbing loops at both the tack and the clew point to accommodate the boom. This Optimist sail does not have any sail battens and each of the 5 panels has a different color. Should be used with sleeve mast set EX1052.

Also available: Optimist mast extenders, 10 and 20 cm
These mast extenders for the Optimist sleeve mast extends the mast with 10 or 20 cm to create more space. These mast extenders can be dropped in the top of the Optimist sleeve mast and moves the sail and boom up.

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